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Also a must to see are the many wineries in the hills on the way to Ensenada.
Nice places to stay and visit the ????

Indeed! That's the Valle de Guadalupe, the wine region of Mexico. They have really upped their game recently and been able to compete internationally in wine contests.

There are numerous awesome restaurants, hotels, and wineries in the area. There is also a wine museum that has a video about the origins of wine making in Eastern Europe. They were really disappointed that I didn't want to taste any of the wines. I apologized and told them that I get drunk off the communion wine at church.

Valle de Guadalupe Wine Museum Article

New York Times Article on the Valle de Guadalupe
(This link should allow those without a subscription to view the article.)

Be ready to stop and ask for directions. Your GPS may send you along some roads that will make you question its reliability. So far, it has never failed us but as we bumped along a rugged dirt road for about 2 and a half miles, we really didn't think we were going in the right direction. All of a sudden, an oasis hotel, winery, and restaurant appeared. The food and view were inspiring. It was truly an adventure.

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