by jaui @, Zihuatanejo, Sunday, October 02, 2022, 13:01 (55 days ago) @ Ironwood
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Gosh, I hope if you're going on vacation to France, you don't tell folks you'll be spending a few days in "Paree". There's a good word in English for that: it's "affected." ;-)


@ Ironwood

Sorry Charlie, not going ANYWHERE on vacation.
& if I was, sure the heck wouldn't be to France.

That said, IF I did speak French, maybe I would use the authentic French pronunciation for Paris! "Gosh" is that so bad for you?

And, I have NO idea what your comment implied, other than being rude and disrepectful.
NO, Not "affected" by that!

Hello @Pacific Princess

As is often the case on Z Board, a simple basic question you asked, ended up being a large thread that for the most part had nothing to do with your simple and basic inquiry. I even contributed to that, in response to a reply about the pronunciation of that name using Mexican grammar "rules". Then others took my reply a bit erroneously, so I replied back to those.
Regards :-D


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