by Padrino ⌂ @, San Diego/Rosarito, Monday, October 03, 2022, 10:00 (54 days ago) @ Steveo

Yes sir. Lots of folks in So Cal and San Diego still haven’t experienced that area.
One of our favorite stops has always been Calafia.
Sit out on there many decks and look out over the pacific with a good lunch, drinks of your choice and maybe a good COHIBA to finish.

Agreed. Calafia has always been one of our favorite haunts, especially during whale watching season, January and February. However, I am very sorry to report that Calafia has fallen into great disrepair. Most of the decks are closed off. Although the rooms are not boarded up, they don't appear inhabitable. We still go there every once in a while. The food is still decent and the view is to die for. There is even a small museum-like display as you enter the main building, showcasing the history of the site.

Note: The decks that Steveo is referring to were a series of wooden decks that started up on the cliffs and made their way down to the rocky beach below, culminating with a large dance floor next to the waves. Diners had their choice of tables up and down the decks. It was a truly festive atmosphere and where I initially fell in love with Mexican culture over 40 years ago.

Calafia has been eclipsed by their neighbor just a few hundreds meters to the north, Popotla. Someone has some deep pockets and has invested heavily in Popotla. I wish it were the same for Calafia.

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