Sam's Club

by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Thursday, November 10, 2022, 23:19 (17 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I hope this is allowed. I am posting this for Dr. Grayeb. He is warning people about the Escalator at Sam's club. The magnetic bars grab the carts and there have been many accidents and people have been badly injured. Please be cautious when using the escalators there.

Do they break loose and ram into someone downwind or something else?

Apparently they become jammed and cause purchases to go tumbling either the cart can also go tumbling against anyone in front or jam up and cause injury to the person on the escalator behind it as they get pushed into it. From what I've read, this problem has been reported and ignored by Sam's Club management. I'm not such a penny-pincher that I care to do business with them. There are alternatives that show more respect for their clients who will get my business.

I'm a big fan of their air conditioning...

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