A recent Snorkel Video on Youtube, November 12 2022

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Zihuatanejo Bay, One Afternoon Snorkel around the North La Ropa rocks, November 12 2022

On November 12, I was lucky enough to see many species and phenomena previously enjoyed, but truly rarely witnessed, as in a decade ago , in many cases, ALL in the same extended snorkel session in and around the large rock at the north end of La Ropa. The many surrounding spires of rock that make a perimeter ring around the main rock rise up with steep canyons between themselves and a wider, twenty yard wide, canyon spanning to the big rock.

I am happy to share this natural splendour to be appreciated and always to display what must be protected but in this case with a more precise location provided I CANNOT STRESS enough the POTENTIAL hazards built in to the location that often is appreciated for it's surf pounding displays.

I highly recommend a session staying completely south of and away from all rocks for anyone and then perhaps some careful exploration closer to rocks, ON CALM DAYS, keeping in mind your own swimming ability and comfort in the water. Almost all of the species shown have been seen south of the rock including the African Pompanitos, with the streaming fins and this year to my great amusement many Eagle Rays and cooperative Scrawled Filefish. The small fish in close up near the start is a rarely photographed, Mexican Triplefin, Enneanectes macrops, with more information on this link.https://mexican-fish.com/mexican-triplefin/

As Always I truly appreciate Don Roberto's commitment to protecting the local ecology and for providing this platform with it's own direct links to videos but also on a much simpler level of providing a searchable database for Google searches to specific fish species for those interested in the relatively poorly documented species of the Eastern Pacific. I can tell you that species common in Zihua Bay are also common down to the Galapagos and quite far north as well in many cases.

Again to be blunt, swimming around those rocks could cause a person to be smashed onto urchin covered rocks and while dazed and confused the potential for drowning could be very real. I want you to enjoy this wonderful ecosystem but safely as your skills and risk tolerance dictate.


Please be happy always

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