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by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Monday, November 21, 2022, 13:07 (7 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Just curious, are bicycles allowed on beaches? They seem to cause a lot more damage than people or dogs do.

Although I may not be exactly answering your question, I was instructed to dismount from my eBike when I entered the malecon by the walkway that runs alongside the Hotel Palacio in Playa Madera. There was a woman (or maybe a man) who was occupying that little booth they recently constructed there which I guess is supposed to give tourist information. I was happy to oblige, although it seemed to me I had occasionally seen people riding bicycles on the malecon. But I do understand that maybe it should be reserved for walkers, joggers and pets?

An e-bike is a motorized vehicle and shouldn't be on the beach or the Paseo.

Point taken.
But of course you do understand that an e-bike can be operated like a regular non e-bike, meaning it can be pedaled without using the motor?
If I remember correctly there is a sign at the bridge by the museo, and possibly by the walkway at the pink building, that prohibits bicycles. I noticed that after my little incident. I’ll have to check next time I’m there.

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