Yay, Cri Cri!

by JeffMN ⌂ @, Minneapolis MN USA, Saturday, January 22, 2011, 13:24 (3928 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

It's so good to see you posting here again, mi querido amigo!!!

To get an icon-shortcut for the Message Board onto your desktop using your Mac I believe you just click on my "Z" icon next to my Message Board's URL in the address window; and while still holding down on the click-button, drag the icon from your browser to your desktop. First you need to make sure the browser isn't filling your entire screen, so if it is then click on the "+" in the upper left-hand corner of your browser to make the browser window a little smaller so that you can see part of your desktop. Maybe someone else who is using a Mac can confirm these procedures or correct me if I'm wrong.

Yes, but on my iMac the first click on the "Z" icon next to the URL/web address doesn't enable dragging it to the desktop; it's usually the third click (with a second or two between) that lets you drag.
Also, a keyboard option for shrinking and enlarging a window is Shift/Command/f.

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