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Thanks to all those who provided info before we went to Zihua, Here is biking trip report and some additional info:

Go to Bi-Zihuanas and talk to Alejandro if you are interested in bicycling in Zihuatanejo!
Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
cuauhtemoc #39 (street that ends as basketball court)
tel 01 755 54 464 95

We did great tour with him to El Refugio de Potosi, about 30 mi round trip.

Started early morning (8am) to avoid heat and traffic.

Mostly on side streets through Zihua, short stretch on wide shoulder of highway, backroads through the edge of Coacoyul, past coconut groves and bungalows and lagoons, mid morning snack at beach side restaurant, and long rest with fascinating tour of the animals at the Refugio.

A group of five in tour, age range from mid-thirties to mid-sixties, all regular cyclists. Alejandro led tour and assistant Roberto followed to make sure that I didn’t get too far behind the other 4.

I opted to take a ride back in pickup truck, knowing the early-afternoon heat would be too much for me and not wanting to hold back the more energetic cyclists for the whole trip.

You need to make that decision about the tour at least the day before to give Alejandro time to arrange the transport also to make sure he has enough of the right size bikes.

The bikes were good bikes with shifters and brakes all functioning well. Helmets were included and a bottle of water that fit in bottle holder on the bike.

Alejandro took pictures of us along the way and posted them on facebook where we could download them. (Bizihuanas Mountain Bike Tours)

Reasons for choosing the tour were expert local knowledge of good route, younger member who wanted longer trip, good bikes, and friendly, well-spoken, knowledgeable guide and assistants.

The tours offered are evolving and Alejandro seemed willing to make some adjustments so talk to him about what is important to you in your tour. Trying to remember how we got to el Refugio and looking at Google maps when we arrived home, reinforced the value of a guided tour (much of the route is not obvious on Google maps)

The tour was great. However, if we hadn’t had a serious cyclist in our group, I would choose to rent bike by the hour. I like to stop more, look around and take photographs, and go at my own pace.

Other biking routes:

I recommend the ride from Ixtapa through the ecological park to Playa Linda. The path is very clearly marked, not difficult, shaded in some areas, patrolled by police. Can be done without a guide. We did this several years ago but the bikes weren’t as good as those from Bi-Zihuanas. (Don’t remember name, was rental only)
“The bicycle path runs the length of Ixtapa, from the Palma Real Campo de Golf to Marina Ixtapa, and from the intersection of Ixtapa Boulevard with Paseo de las Garzas to Playa Linda via the Aztlán Parque Ecológico (behind the big hill on the north side of Ixtapa).” (description from ZihuaRob) Estimates of 5 mi, 9 km in length

There is also a bike path from Zihua to Ixtapa. Starts on edge of town. It has long steep hill. It runs along the highway as separate lane (you can actually see it in Google maps, particularly with street view) and appeared to be well maintained from our view of it from bus in 2011. Message archived from 2006 describes this route in detail.

Alejandro was willing to describe the route from Playa Linda to Troncones which he also offers as a guided tour. However, he said that most people not on a tour get lost beyond a certain point. See his facebook page to see photos/videos from recent tours – Bizihuanas Mountain Bike Tours. Also info about local biking events.

Renting bikes:

Bi-zuhanas no longer rents bikes by the hour/day in Zihua. They do rentals in Ixtapa (didn’t ask if location there has same name or different or where it was).

From the old message board, some other responses to my request for biking info. I didn't visit either of these:

In Ixtapa -There is a good bike rental shop across the street from the Tesoro hotel and Park Royal. It is right on the bike path. website.

In Zihua -Go Green in Centro rents bikes, he is right in front of Barracruda bar next (near Zorros)
his contact info is:
cel 755 101 8971

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