Battling Las Pasajeras...

by Roberto!, Tuesday, January 04, 2011, 11:39 (3343 days ago)

A week ago nine of us boarded the pasajera from Los Achotez to Barra de Potosi --- it turned out to be a bit of an adventure.

We've been doing this pasajera thing for as long as I can recall, but this time was quite different. As we left Los Achotez and were just outside the village, we were overtaken by another speeding pasajera (#12) which wasn't carrying any passengers. It passed us and then further up the road and on a corner, it slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road.

Just as we were about to pass the parked pasajera, the driver of the parked pasajera (#12) swung out and deliberately rammed the pasajera we were on and almost forced us off the road. The two drivers got into a shouting match --- I think there was some dispute as to who was supposed to take us, even though the driver of the pasajera we were on (#11) appeared to be first in line and motioned us to get on board.

What a way to settle a dispute!

We had our 7 year old granddaughter on board plus the goofy driver of the pasajera that rammed us also had a small child who appeared to be less than 2 years old in the cab with him. Eventually the drivers ironed out there differences and we carried on to La Barra. On the return trip, we noticed # 12 was picking up passengers but we refused to get in with him and waited until he was full then climbed into # 11 again.

My son in law took some video of the episode, added some pictures taken in Zihua, music and uploaded it to U Tube. Here is a link to the video.



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