Morelia questions

by DundasMike, Monday, January 24, 2011, 13:34 (3928 days ago) @ locahermanas

We bought our bus tickets from the bus station the day prior to our journey. There are different long-distance bus lines that have their own locations but are in the same general area. Not all of the bus lines go to Morelia therefore we sussed it out the day before and travelled on Parhikuni.

When you arrive in Morelia there is a Taxi Desk near to the main exit from the bus station where you buy a ticket that is priced according to your destination. Walk outside and give the ticket to the first taxi in line. They are right outside the door and will be waiting to take your ticket.

In Morelia we enjoyed the walk (or you can take a taxi) to Fuenta De Las Tarascas, about 1 Km East of the Cathedral. From there we walked along Fray Antonio de San Miguel, a pedestrian walkway that leads directly to the Sanctuario De Guadalupe in Plaza Morelos. The walk from the fountain is parrallel to the Aquaduct which is very impressive when lit up in the early evening. You can also tour the Sanctuario.

As a suggestion for dinner: Fonda Las Mercedes on Calle Leon Guzman. About five short blocks West of the Cathedral. (Easily walkable) The building is very interesting (make sure to have a good mooch around the different areas and take your camera) and the food was good and reasonably priced.

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