Dilemma explained

by anneh, Monday, January 24, 2011, 23:49 (3928 days ago)

We are shocked and surprised by the response to our post, "a cautionary tale". Clearly this illustrates an underlying fear present in the community. It saddens us to have to raise this issue because the victims will be the hotel staff who looked after us so well, and the local tourist industry.

In response to Rob's question: my husband, with the help of a hotel receptionist, who witnessed the incident, called the police who arrived in approx 10 minutes. The receptionist translated our account but the police interface was disappointing as they had no means of documenting the event and no reporting mechanism.

The next day, the management at our hotel arranged for a taxi to take us to the "tourist office" in Zihuatanejo. We waited for 2 1/2 hrs, no official spoke to us during that time as they were busy with other cases and eventually we abandoned any hope of getting a response and left to enjoy the short remainder of our vacation.

The staff at our hotel were extremely embarrassed and apologetic; the guests very sympathetic. Another family, who have visied Zihuatanejo many times, offered to walk with us to El Centro on our last night. We took up their offer, had a wonderful time and returned safely to our hotel after a most enjoyable evening.

Our objective in raising this is simply a message of caution to alert those who are not aware of the risks, as we were.

Thank you Rob for a great forum and for all the supportive posts.

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