First timer Semana Santa

by calirose, Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 19:11 (3925 days ago)

I was so excited with the thought of making a trip to Zihua. I am traveling alone and after reading about all these muggings (armed) I am quite a bit concerned. Should I reconsider my trip...not go out for dinner or at night period...always take a taxi...I am not the usual tourist but doing this alone makes me think I could be a target for some thief. I planned to spend my days on the beach enjoying the sun, sand, water, drinks, and food. Can I only go out during the day? Will there be a bigger Police presence because of Semana Santa? Is it safer the week before Easter or not a good idea? Sorry if this is a lot of questions to address, but I would feel better with a few of you giving me the heads up about this time frame. I know it could happen to anyone/anywhere but am I putting a big fat bulls-eye on my head/wallet?

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