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by Ed K, Thursday, January 27, 2011, 17:58 (3646 days ago) @ locahermanas

The November 2010 edition of our local magazine, Another Day In Paradise, has an article I wrote about the versatility of 40 pound line. When I first moved here 14 years ago I had everything from 80 pound outfits on down, with the majority being Penn International 50’s and 30’s. Things changed dramatically in the first couple of years. Other than the bunch of fly rods I have (which are basically 20 pound outfits), all my conventional gear fishing is now done with a 40 pound rig.

The two ideal setups for fishing here are:
1)A 6 ½ foot sensitive rod with a conventional reel like a Shimano TLC 20 or 25, a Penn 12, or Penn 16 and loaded with 40 pound mono/fluorocarbon line.
2)And a 9 or 10 foot spin rod, with a quality reel and loaded with 40 pound braid line.

These two rigs will catch you anything you want here, with the exception of a large blue marlin. The 40 pound rigs will get the job done just fine, and you will not be using a reel as big as the winch on the front bumper of a truck.

You can use the spin rod for shore fishing, or all inshore casting for roosters, jacks, sierras, roosters, etc. from a panga, and using a cast bait for sailfish too. The conventional reel will handle trolling a live bait for roosters, tuna to 100 pounds, all sailfish, all striped marlin, and even smaller blue marlin around 150 to 180 pounds.

However a 7.5 foot salt water spin rod and fresh water gear will not get it done. It needs to be quality salt water tackle....and the same for the lures.

If you have any more questions, just email me. I have a lot of experience here.

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