This is Ed's article in ADIP

by GK, Thursday, January 27, 2011, 19:11 (3646 days ago) @ Ed K

To read Ed's article in Another Day in on this link...Nov. Issue ADIP

Then scroll over to the article by Ed Kunze...

FYI - Ed has been a writer for this magazine for years, and if you want to read about all types of fishing available in Zihuatanejo (plus find out about the top Captains), you can go to the ADIP Archives, and he has articles in almost every issue for as long as I can remember. Just click on Archives (once in the website), and go back as far as you want and start reading.


PS: Once you get to the page you want to read, left click anywhere on the page...and you can use your scroll wheel to enlarge the text.

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