Haggling and Tipping

by Fran @, Evanston, IL, Friday, January 28, 2011, 21:12 (3642 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

A man after my own tipping heart, Rob.

I have found that beach sellers will offer a better price if you look interested but ambivalent. The first price is rarely the last price but I am not real interested in haggling. Come on. They are not Goldman Sacks here. They are just trying to get by.

Silver sellers haven't discounted much recently. The people I deal with I trust to offer me a fair price to begin with. I think they try to strike a fair bargain.

I tip in Mexico as I tip in the US. Perhaps slightly more generously than the formula (US and Mexico alike) but I appreciate a person who works hard for a living.

I think the thing with taxis is good. If they do something extra, tip. Otherwise, the convention is don't tip. I notice that when I take the taxi from and to the airport, the driver is very quick to handle the bag, which is fine by me and he gets his tip. In the US, I generally toss the bag in the trunk and tip anyway so I appreciate the effort.

I say, be a reasonable person.

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