Haggling and Tipping

by fishfan, Saturday, January 29, 2011, 00:27 (3650 days ago) @ Canadian Rainbirds

Not sure about haggling, but I tend to over-tip in Z. There are limits. When the service is lousy, and that has happened, I leave nothing or next-to-nothing. Cab-wise, I always tip. During my last visit, I handed the keys to our room to my dad, who forgetfully left them in the cab. Sheer panic was setting in when the cab re-appeared at our locked door. I'm not sure whether the tip prompted such fast action, but it surely did not hurt. Of course, we gave him another healthy bump for returning our keys so quickly.

This has probably been said before, but stuff is so cheap in Z (if you want it to be that way) that I think generosity is morally mandated. My dad and I are returning on Sunday for a week. We're paying $350 for a place to stay for the week. Airfare for the both of us is south of $600. We'll be fishing five days at $150-$175 a day. Do the math: We can, almost, vacation for a week in Z. for not much more than it costs to live at home.

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