by El Tacaño, Saturday, January 29, 2011, 13:32 (3644 days ago) @ nikki

Other than the Wonderful National Park Uruapan is not your typical tourist destination.
Now having said that I find it a most interesting city, It's unique 3 block long, but 1/2 a block wide Plaza is very nice. It's "Mercado" is excellent for native goods.
I like The Hotel Uruapan Plaza right on the (Surprise) main plaza. Large lovely rooms with sitting areas with huge TVs, and luxurious baths. A bit pricey during the week as they cater to the business traveler but a real bargain on the weekends. Most of the staff speaks English as US fruit inspectors mostly stay there during avocado season.
Not to be missed is the La Trucha (The Trout) that serves fabulous fresh trout with a large assortment of sauces plus all the extras for under $10 US. n the edge of the Park it overlooks one of the park's best waterfalls. Lunch only.
Directly across the street is Uruapan's fanciest hotel with lovely grounds, a great staff, nice rooms but frankly IMO over stuffed with furniture, cramped bathrooms & over priced. It runs about twice The Plaza & is very isolated in the evenings. I stayed there on my first trip preferring The Plaza.
Near by is some interesting ruins at Tingambato including a small pyramid, death chamber Etc. All signage is in English, Spanish & the local native dialect.
A fascinating sight is San Jose the town buried in Volcanic Ash near by. Only the town Church Steeple can be seen above the ash.

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