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by LadyM in Zihua @, Zihuatanejo, Mexico, Thursday, February 03, 2011, 16:50 (3639 days ago) @ Gringo Viejo

tj, I was there last week. Was there 8 and 5 years ago also. Generally speakiing it is a fishing village and somewhat (maybe totally to some folk's mind) improvished. There are no visible signs of change. It would appeal to a very, very small segment of the gringo tourist trade. There is no beach around the bay of PVG but the view is nice. There are a couple of struggling enramadas. There are a couple of lodging establishment, all are far from 3 star. Think more like the actual village of La Barra de Potosibut less affluent, not the beachfront at La Barra.

However, the beach on the South end of Papanoa is showing some signs of "progress". A couple of new beachfront restaurants and lodging is available. In other words it might be in the very early stages of development.

Also, there is a new road around to the sandy beach SE of PVG and there are some rumblings about some nice homes being built there. I did not go there but plan to in the coming weeks.

I don't think the Papanoa/PVG area holds any great "boming" future. There is simple too much available in Z/I that has more appeal to the Northern visitors. There may be some, say 1% or less, of the gringo tourists that would find the area appealing. Yes, they say they want to experience Mexico and they could do that in PVG/Ppanoa area but in reality the average Northern gringo wants what they perceive Mexico to be, not what it really is.


Not that I do not agree with lots of your post, but as far as not changing that is sort of misleading. In the many years that I have gone there I find changes every time I go. More little restaurants, more little small tiendas, lots more fishing boats, and to me definitely more people. I am not talking about the Northern tourists that you mention, just more people coming to spend the day there. The small restaurants at PVG are mostly redone and several have new owners. When I was there on Tuesday there were people at almost all the restaurants in the cove. The waves were breaking and some boys were surfing and my friends were using boogie boards for the first time.

In the part of PVG that is home to the fishing fleet of course has no pretty beach area, but there are a couple of new little places to get food and drink and a great little man made area for small kid swimming and kids of all ages were jumping off the cement pier of sorts over on the left of the walled in area. Great swimming and diving off the pier.

Going on towards Acapulco past the turn off to PVG there are several nice looking places being built, but I did not stop there and speak with anyone on what was happening. Progress, I guess.

El Delfin restaurant past Los Arcos (the yellow place with the pool) is where we always end up after checking out the swimming area. It has changed owners and the food is absolutely wonderful. We had stuffed fish filets, red snapper in garlic, fish filet veracruzana and they were all nicely prepared and looked beautiful when presented as well as tasted great. I have just been slow about getting pictures on the computer but did photograph the food.

We watched at least 100 rays jump from the water and make like small jet planes and kept hoping to see the whales there that we had seen earlier in the day up the coast.

Where you mentioned 1% or less of the gringo tourists would think the area apealing, I think it would be actually more like 50% would love the area. I took 4 people with me there who had never been out of Zihuatanejo........not even to La Barra de Potosi and they were thrilled and thought it was one of their better days here.

No place is for everyone, but PVG holds a special place in my thoughts as I went there first with my parents over 25 years ago.


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