Cri Cri, When Did Zihuatanejo Get 24 Hour Electrical Service

by michoacan, Sunday, February 06, 2011, 00:03 (2783 days ago) @ NoName

When I visited back in the early 1970's, the lights went off in the evening. Also remember something about an ice house being out on the main highway. It was a dawn to dusk butt buster getting to Zihuatanejo from Acapulco. We purchased coconuts para agua, one peso each. I don't remember a road going around to La Ropa. We camped on the main beach and the mosquitoes had a field day. We subsisted on fried fish, tamales, and cerveza al tiempo. The cost for a day of eating came out to be around sixty cents U.S. There were some vendors hawking tacos de tortuga. How things get faded out after forty years! In another twenty I don't know ;-)

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