Si Estamos Aqui!

by Harry, Sunday, February 06, 2011, 16:41 (2750 days ago)

We're here, we're landed, we're ensconced @ the Casa Sun & Moon. Had a loverly dinner @ Rossy's last night, breakfast @ Ita's on Calle Adelita, did our first foray en el Centro, some beach time including one of Bene's finest massages & now killing some time before wandering over to the basketball court for Sunday festivities.

There were state police at the bridge connecting Adelita & the Paseo this morning, was told there was a guarded presence along the Malecon last night.

Met some nice folks from Peachland BC who passed by a confirmation party @ Rana Rene here on Playa Madera...and were pulled into the party..Fed and liquored up, they also won door prizes...were absolutely thrilled at the experience...Once I get my camera operating will try and do a series of "almost live from Zihua" youtubes for everyone's amusement. ..

Shaping up to be a fabulous vacation...!

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