Amost Live from Zihuatanejo..... Part 1

by Harry, Monday, February 07, 2011, 01:09 (2717 days ago) @ islandgirl
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Glad to know! It just seemed kinda quiet without your posts and illustrations!
Have a great time!

Nice to know that one is missed. Bit of a gap in internet connectivity for a while. The upper levels of Casa Sun & Moon aren't optimum for wifi. Now that I've moved down to a lower level, and presumably next to the router, the connectivity is better on my little Samsung notepad.

This evening we checked out the party in the Zocolo...sure there were cute little kids doing a dance with parasols and their abuelas dolled up for a Hawaiian number without the grass skirts. Pretty well much the same street food was on offer as in previous years however there was no place to actually sit down and eat ...whatever you bought had to be gobbled standing up like "Old Paint" the saddlehorse. We opted instead to head over to Pollo Feliz and chow down on a sumptuous meal of BBQ'd chicken, arracheta and bean soup. These were served with a simple salad , some marinated onions and BBQ'd onion, nopalito cactus and a grilled long sweet pepper. Couldn't eat it all and the bill was about 240 pesos.

Back to the zocalo area with a nip into that sweet sweet store: Fruity Keikos..a wonderful place to shop for unusual and affordable gifts..and cruised around the Zocalo munching on paletas, then walked back to the Casa via Calle Adelita. No cops, but also no problemas. ...btw Fruity Keikos had a hysterical "sign" for sale that read "Mi Cama es su cama" which translates as " my bed is your bed." It's funny because it's a take-off on the standard greeting of "Mi casa es su casa" house is your house...


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