Now There's a Fine Howdy Do....

by Harry, Tuesday, February 08, 2011, 20:54 (2715 days ago) @ ZihuaRob
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FYI, brócoli, coliflor y zanahoria are OUR food. What I don't understand is what you were doing ordering "BBQ'd quails" (sic) and "chicken in rum and cream" if you sought local Zihuatanejo fare. Did you miss the Mariscos part of the menu?


OK, just so you know, I ate all my veggies anyway like a good scout. But you know I was expecting something more exotic. F'rinstance today I marched my daughter through the farmer's market on Avenida Coco to the back of the Mercado Central. Headed directly to Fonda Irma. Both had the chile rellenos for breakfast. Washed down with Jamaica and lemonaid, I think, from those big glass things on the counter.

Next course was a couple of goat tacos...checking with the Senora to see if they were indeed made with cabeza de chivo (goat's head) she lifted out the skull from under the meatpile, scooped out a bit of the roasted brain and chopped it into my taco filling. ESTUPENDO!!!!

Then also around back of the market but across the street is a tiny storefront where they hand make ice cream with those wooden crank barrel things. Had some of that too. This sustained us until Playa Las Gatas where I had a couple of beers and shared some caracol (conch) and guacamole with Ilana.

A lancha arrived with a load of sand in 100 lb bags for some kind of construction project, so I helped a bit with that...then got in some quality hamaca time, then a superb 1 hr. massage from TRACI one of the massajistas @ the 3 Palmas.

Just generally's been a rough day in paradiso all around.

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