by judi in OKlahoma @, where I am, Thursday, February 10, 2011, 12:46 (2784 days ago) @ Fran

Can you say more about getting from Barra to the Refugio. Can you be more specific about how you did that?

Fran, here's what I like to do ...
Go to Doña Lichas for an early breakfast (#44 on Jareds map, on Cocos)
Then stand out front and wait for the bus to Petatlan. Never waited more than 10 minutes. A kid will be hanging out the door saying
'Peta Peta'.
Get off at Los Achotes. Just tell the guy 'Los Achotes' and someone will let you know. Maybe a 20 min ride.
When you get off you will easily see up the street where to wait for a pasajera to fill up for trip towards Barra de Potosi.
On the way you will be passing El Refugio on your right. You can bang your foot on truckbed to get off :-)
Or keep going right into La Barra.
For return, take pasajera to Los Achotes. Get off and go across the highway to wait at bus stop. Easy peasy, cheap and much fun.

Beautiful kids on a pasajera. I had told this beautiful little boy he was going to be a movie star or a famous brain surgeon so I needed his picture.

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