Ramon Olea - Best Charter in North America!

by OleajeFan, Friday, February 11, 2011, 20:40 (2711 days ago)

No kidding, no bs. I've been sportfishing North America for 55 years. This guy, Ramon Olea, ranks as the best charter boat captain in my experience based on several parameters, and believe me, he has good competition:
A. Knowledge. I had made the mistake of hiring others for my Zihua fishing experience. The others didn't even come close as to Ramon's overall knowledge and instincts. Ramon was out of town at the time, I shoulda stayed in the hotel instead of gone fishing with others. I've made seven fishing trips to Zihua for fishing, 5 of them were on the Oleaje. He's not known as the Sea Wolf amongst his brethren for nothing.
B. Character. Ramon is completely trustworthy. I'd leave the family jewels with him (actually, in a sense, I did. Didn't trust the hotel safe, left some jewelry purchases in Ramon's safekeeping instead. No worries. )
C. Sense of humor. He'll catch you when you are not looking. This guy coulda been a renown satirist had he the inclination.
D. Judgment. You're safe on the Oleaje. He's not a dollar worshiper. Not good to go, he won't.
Just a helluva good soul, a wonderful guy to get to know. A future friend for you. Simple.
Glad to hear he now has two pangas, but how can he be on both at the same time? :) Must be a colleague he trusts....no hay problemo.

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