Orchids, birds, fun, an apology and more!

by Laura ⌂ @, Saturday, February 12, 2011, 08:41 (3021 days ago) @ Hunter-MX


Gorgeous photos !! As usual...! You do such a service to all of us to post them and also to identify things the way you do. Thank you so much.

I'm sorry for that person's judgmental shortsightedness and uncaring rudeness in making a last minute cancellation. It caused totally unnecessary economic loss for a number of people who will feel it strongly perhaps in the case of those at your destinations (where's the morality in that? ...one might ask) not to mention their own loss of a beautiful experience.

I am a strong believer in caring for the shaping of our children's morality carefully. And we do have a rule about language in the Children's Library...'que no digan grocerias'. But the purpose is to teach them to be respectful toward each other and toward life in general...not to teach them to be inflexible and mean about executing rules.

I also believe that what our children learn is what they learn from living with their adult's modeling in the most important issues like showing love and responsibility in our actions with others. In this case, they may have learned to judge people wrongly and renig in a commitment -negatively affecting others - because of inflexibility.

No one who has been following you on this board with care doesn't realize you are a good person. That slip of language in such a moment - to me - only indicated how much shock and sting you felt in the loss of your friend. Their reaction was a mistaken over-reaction. They could have quite easily spoken to you about any concern and requested that you be careful about language on the tour.

I understand that people have different traditions with regard to what is appropriate in the event of a death and some would find it perhaps not the place for that language and thus feel grated by it. But it was also clear that your expression showed that you feel this board to be a kind of home. Your feelings were strong about losing your friend and your expression was immediate and very personal. Some flexibility and understanding was called for in this case.

I would much rather have a child occasionally be exposed to a slip like that (which would show them that even a strong man is deeply affected by the passing of a friend more than anything else) as long as they learn to respect others, care for their community and the earth around them...things that you clearly teach in your way of being and in your actions.

I hope your season fills up well with lucky families who will love your high quality tours.

Hasta pronto,
Casa del Encanto B&B Barra de Potosi

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