by allen @, Pacific Northwest, Saturday, February 12, 2011, 19:09 (2710 days ago) @ Zmon01

I also think they owe him something. Out of a moral obligation if not a legal one. I also do not think he owes anyone an apology. He did not purposely offend anyone and has always, as far as I can tell, conducted himself with honor on this board and his clients fall over themselves saying what a nice guy he is and what an enjoyable experience his tours are. If it was my business, and I have been in business, I would wave them good riddance and be glad that I did not have to put up, who knows what, on the tour. If they are that picky about something they see on the internet only G@d knows how they would be out in the bush. Sometimes personal integrity in business is a good thing. I would not tend to do business with someone if I thought they sucked up to everyone, no matter their demeanor, just to get their business. I have not even considered going on his tour before now (seen plenty of waterfalls and butterflies) but now I think I will.
I do hope that they are reading this thread and have had a chance to contemplate their actions.

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