by Fran @, Way North Wisconsin, Saturday, February 12, 2011, 20:24 (2901 days ago) @ Zmon01

See. Here's the deal. People wonder why bureaucracy exists. Wonder why there are so many regulation. You can see it happening here.

Wil set up a nice business. He's a knowledgeable guy. He has some awesome contacts. He's trying to make a living and support a family. He trusts people. He takes your word as a bond.

And then things like this start to happen. No, Wil doesn't need a union (he's a small business, hello) but I would say he will probably be thinking about a PayPal account and a non-refundable deposit clause in the near future if human nature does not start moving his way.

He has a business to run. I know Wil and I know he would prefer a certain kind of business that is premised on all of us having a certain code of honor and shared set of values when we deal with one another. An understanding, if you will, that is not shaken by a couple of top row keyboard characters.

But, Wil. PayPal and Non-Refundable deposit. You got to make a living, guy. A day lost in high season is a day you don't get back. Everybody else, cut some slack here. Wil is learning many lessons and some of them, from my perspective, are unfortunate.

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