breakfast and dinner in Zihua

by norm, Saturday, February 12, 2011, 21:49 (2781 days ago)

After having a perfect breakfast of a delicious fruit plate and scrambled eggs Mexicana with the absolutly best tortillas ever,in a restaurant filled with Mexicans and gringos,we decided to return for dinner and made reservations.Imagin my surprise when only one other table was occupied.WE had two excellent salads andperfecly done fish fillets ajillo.People at the other table had tuna steak which they said was delicious.This is rhe most beautiful restaurant in Zihua and really deserves to be packed.The restaurant is Margaritas in a new location right next to Casa Vieja.The owner Ariz(sp) is a lovely young lady and I wish her the best in this beautiful place.(the toilets have seats)

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