Harry Reviews Jaqueline's in Trocones, Rana Rene in Madera

by Harry, Sunday, February 13, 2011, 09:24 (3908 days ago)
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Hi Folks,

Whew it's the morning of our last full day here. Gonna be a chore getting back to routine ...at least springtime will be underway in Victoria. Already had one report that the daffodils are starting to show.

Yesterday we did a trip to Troncones. 350 peso cab ride there, slightly more on the return.

Great big long beach with impressive breakers. Kind of dangerous for surfing near the village because there's such a short space between the big rollers and the shore. Better about 1/2- 1 kilometre further down. We saw lots of garzas (snowy egrets), oyster catchers, a kingfisher and a group of turkey buzzards (must have known we were coming) Also a couple of small whales. Not sure what type. Black and almost pointy tail fins.

Intended to walk all the way to Manzanillo Beach. But about 6 or 7 kilometres down, there's that headland with quite an expanse of tricky-looking rocks to cross at a high tide with apparently no other logical way through or around...only wearing flip flops and didn't want to risk turning an ankle or worse, so we turned back. Good idea to pack some water if you're walking this one back and forth. Felt like we had the place almost to ourselves...


Picked Jaqueline's restaurant at random from the beach because it looked like it had good shade. They are very charming and what we had, simple as it was, was excellent. I had the breaded dorado filet and Ilana the breaded shrimps. Tasted like just caught. Also the breading and frying were sheer perfection. Just crisp, with no extra grease, and whatever they fried it in was very fresh, even though we were apparently the only customers they had for a while...

Back in town we opted for Rana Rene's on Madera Beach because it was so close. Arrived just before dusk. They set up a table on the sand, literally a few meters from the incoming tide. That was kind of fun.

The food was just OK. Nothing to write home about.

The tiritas were soggy, made with some kind of white-fleshed fish, not tuna...and although I'd asked for them to be picante, had only a tiny amount of chili. I wasn't about to douse it with salsa and no I wasn't going to send it back or make a fuss. It was perfectly eatable.

Ilana's chicken fajitas were fine, and they served me a well-seasoned but tough (normal for here) bistecka steak that passes for arracheta on their menu.

Not to be too picky, but arracheta is made from flank meat, which I as a former chef and meat-cutter recognize quite well. Also it is defined as marinated in a mash of papaya seeds, which tenderizes it somewhat and lends a certain taste.

On another occasion I had their caracol (conch) appetizer, and that was really great.


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