Fonatour Steamroller cont'd

by Harry, Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 11:24 (4116 days ago) @ JeffMN

Harry -- I like the foundation idea. If that's not already in the works, it would be a vehicle by which residents, visitors and tourists could channel their support to the opposition.
I imagine the pro-development side has money coming in from who knows where; this, it seems to me, would help level the playing field.

Yeah well it appears that there's already a substantial movement underway led or substantially represented by the fisherman's co-op. But Fonatour's a function of Mexico's federal government. Their power and resources are nearly endless compared to what the locals can drum up I'm sure.

This is where a free and principled press, the right legal expertise and lots of friends can make the difference. To the point of national and international recognition. What the locals do have going for them in an inverse way, is that there is currently something of a tourism downturn. But Fonatour's taking the long view in a cockeyed sort of way, I suppose...but the protests and stories are on the front pages of the local media, so that's a start.

I've had my own involvements in a much smaller version of this kind of battle, doing ongoing advocacy work on behalf of my own ethnic community in Canada concerning racism, hate propaganda and the use of public facilities by hate groups.

Punch the words Harry Abrams B'nai Brith into a google search and you'll get an idea of that from which I speak.

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