by Labrat ⌂ @, The Roosterfish Foundation, Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 15:17 (2585 days ago) @ The Mac Man

If you look though the thread, you will see it is basically "the gubbment".

If you want a comparison, look to any "stimulus" project that got foisted off on folks North of the border in the last few years.

The entire area of I/Z (including Potosi) has Two Industries....Hotels, and Fishing. To add more Hotels and Fishing to an already depressed area is probably not so smart from a business stance, but very smart from a "fill your pockets with kickbacks" one.

I would be very curious to see if the "project" even got fully completed.

As conceptualized, with an open anchorage, and no breakwater to protect the marina slips I don't think it is any sort of a go.



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