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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 17:55 (2531 days ago) @ Labrat

I think that not only are they a Cruise Line of One, but I think that this is the very same ship that you are referring to having been around last year.

Ocean Star Pacific. The ship was built for the Nordic line in 1971.

You could be right. I thought it might be a different ship than the Ocean Dream from last year and that it looked bigger, but maybe it's just the paint job. :kingtut:

The one last year never let off a single passenger here. Because our Capitanía del Puerto doesn't seem to come with a harbor pilot, and the ship's captain couldn't seem to figure out that you don't lower the tenders while your parallel to the waves entering the bay AND sitting in the part of the bay where the wave action is the worst, so after he broke a window or two and dinged a dinghy and scratched the paint on his purty new toy he called it quits the first attempt to visit. The captain apparently reported that sea conditions were too rough, though they sure didn't appear to be to me. See the photo below of the Ocean Dream taken just after they entered the bay on July 5, 2010:

The second time they were supposed to visit us they sailed right past. There may have been a bit of rain that day... somewhere. The third time I believe they entered the bay but didn't attempt to disembark. Apparently no interest (or no customers?). That was their last voyage if I recall correctly. So how many voyages will they last this year? Any predelictions, edumacated guesses or bets?

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