Top Ten excuses why I didn't stop by and say hello.

by Abigail @, Thursday, February 17, 2011, 12:51 (3991 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

You stopped by and didn't say "hola"? What'd I do to cause you to ignore me?

Excuse number 1: I was too busy shopping.

Excuse number 2: It must have been an outward manifestation of an inward insecurity.

Excuse number 3: The dog ate it.

Excuse number 4: A little revolution every now and then is good.

Excuse number 5: I was in a big hurry to go to the SPCA and order t-shirts for the grand kids.

Excuse number 6: I was frightened off by the large padlock.

Excuse number 7: Lupita looked like she wanted me to love her just for herself.

Excuse number 8: I had heard you hadn't had water for a few days and didn't want to embarrass you by bringing my own bottled water.

Excuse number 9: I was with other people and didn't want to appear as if I was showing-off by claiming that I know you.

Excuse number 10: I didn't want to catch you at a bad time.

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