Oh no! Not another money exchange question!

by el vagabundo @, Thursday, February 17, 2011, 17:51 (3895 days ago) @ cd69

Hi Winterpeg from a born in Brandon guy but long time in B.C. now.

Intercam in Ixtapa will exchange your Canadian dollars just make sure you bring your passport. They are located behind Emilios and beside Isla El Pascador. Changed $c and U.S. there last year so no problem. The ATM fee for CIBC is $5 plus 2.5 percent of the transaction and the Mex bank fee is about 30 pesos. Other Mex banks likely will but this place is not plagued with line-ups. Got 11.45 per U.S. dolar last week.

If you have a Scotia Bank acct then likely no fees or som I have been told. I exchanged so $C in the CIBC in Banff and got 11.40 per dollar, let me know what you get here.


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