Margaritas restaurant last night

by norm, Sunday, February 20, 2011, 21:41 (3901 days ago) @ el vagabundo

And the pescado del dia mojo de ajo was as good a fish dinner as I have had down here and at 120 pesos a good choice.Friday night at El Mare was different because it was packed.The view is always spectacular and the food is always good.Portions are large so we always split a salad and split the main course.Excellent music Thursday night at Capricios,almost nonstop from 8:00 on.Wednesday at La Barra,about an hour from the Marina in Ixtapa,using 2 busses and a pickup,was delightful,with a lagoon tour(not sharkboy,he was already out) and terrific shrimp at Nyitos(sp) as Condessa was packed with about 30 people from Ixtapa condos.On trip backto Los Achotes we had a man with a bucket full of live crabs which kept escaping and scampering on the floor.At the Marina Beccofino is doing well but the rest are dying.Soleiado as usual has its diehard core of loyal Caroline followers and is usually busy and the food is always excellent.Just got back from Toscanos which is the best Italian restaurant in Ixtapa.If Ixtapa people are tired of same old places,there is new seafood and steak place off beaten path,La Barra, across fro new church,next to Monarca Lavandoria,about half mile behind Ixtapa Palace.Great machaca, and shrimp at 120 pesos and coco shrimp at 140 and really good.

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