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Unfortunately, most Mexican (low fire) potters use lead in their glazes because it allows them to melt at lower temperatures, making it easier and cheaper to produce their wares. Barro sin Plomo in Patzcuaro is trying to get potters to use lead-free glazes by providing new, lead-free glaze recipes and helping market their wares. Acidic foods tend to leach lead out of glazes much more so than non-acidic foods. I bought a small bowl for salsa from Barro sin Plomo a couple of years ago and found that the salsa really ate away the glaze. So I consumed no lead, but what about the other glaze components? Personally, I would not be too concerned about occasionally cooking in a vessel which had a lead-containing glaze on it. Friends of mine in San Francisco have been doing so for decades with no noticable ill effects. It's highly unlikely that you'll find any ware in Zihua that has a lead-free glaze on it and Patzcuaro is definitely worth a visit.

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