School supplies/children's clothes- would like to visit scho

by Laura ⌂ @, Monday, February 21, 2011, 12:21 (3900 days ago) @ mnponyexpress

Thank you for your caring generosity as you plan your trip! This is definitely a good idea. My only suggestion would be that you go with a guide or have a contact person there to receive you.

I don't know San Jose to comment with any specifics but I would guess it would be a good idea to have a contact person there or someone who could take you there rather than to try and go alone and just drop in.

That having been said, I doubt very much that your visit would be received with anything other than happy gratitude and that you and your daughter would be welcome to observe (that's without actually knowing the policy of those particular teachers...but I'm sure they will need the supplies and be very happy for your thinking of them).

SO maybe you can make contact with the same people you met last year or have a guide take you.

Thank you for your generosity and caring that you are making part of your travel experience here. The schools in our area are truly in need of such help. I'm sure they will be very grateful at this school in San Jose.

Hasta pronto,
LauraCasa del Encanto B&B Barra de Potosi

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