Getting to La Barra de Potosí from Ixtapa

by MN Nice @, MN, Friday, January 07, 2011, 14:08 (3372 days ago)

I remember the just of how to get to La Barra de Potosí (but have never went)I have a few questions if someone could please help? You take a bus going to Pentalon but get off at Los Achotes. Would the driver announce this or we woud just need to be on the watch? Approximatly how far is it to here? There are pick ups that run back and forth on this road. Is it every day of the week and what time do they run? What is the earliest and latest? How far is it from here to the beach? When traveling from Ixtapa is there any particular bus a person should board? Meaning if it says Pentalon do they all take the same route or would one be shorter than another? Thanks for any help!!!!!!

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