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by andy, Sunday, February 27, 2011, 21:45 (2849 days ago)

Rob..please take this in the manner in which it is intended. Your mom and I go back many years. I'm a looong tine visitor to the region. I've lurked and occasionally responded on the board..I care about the place and its people. That being said, unlike many here, I'm uncomfortable having opinions on a place that I parachute myself into 2 or 4 weeks a year.

You clearly have a tremendous amout of passion for the area, and its people.

I both commend, and respect you for that.

That being said, we differ in opinion, in both your politics and your hopes for the region.

I guess what I'd like to hear from you is *your* vision for the area. If you woke up tomorrow and were elected to local government (and btw, if you feel you represent the wishes of the local community why havent you run for local office??) woke up with the "King of Zihuatanejo" magic wand in your would you use it? What programs would you put in place? How would they be funded? To what end? What would Z look like 10-15 years after your reign?

I ask this in all sincerity. Please avoid using words like "sustainable", "ongoing". Be specific.

I work for a news organization and hear this sh$t every day...and make apoint on calling the weasels who mouth these platitudes on exactly that...

I'm genuinely interested in you thoughts here


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