Where to stay inexpensively in Zihua next month??

by cd69 @, Winnipeg,MB,Canada, Monday, February 10, 2014, 19:41 (1530 days ago) @ The Fez

What you are quoting Fez is what we call rack rates and not many people actually pay that ( for suites or regular rooms) ... and as far as beds are concerned, they actually have different beds available for the last 2 years. It pays to know the right people ;-) I personally do not like the suite you rent because of the street noise. I tend to sleep in and take siestas and it's too noisy for me. I stayed one year at Caracol in the room across from yours and every morning someone from the street would wake me up. Grrrrrr! I find that rooms that are in the middle of each floor or higher up and closer to the beach are the most quiet.

As for the best rate available, online is the way to go with that hotel. I actually learned about this hotel this way when I was looking at booking a place for my next vacation in Zihua and some site (Expedia that year) was offering a promo for the hotel. I was working in Ixtapa reviewing hotels and restaurants when I received a quote for the 2 hotels and figured I should check them out as it was very reasonable. It sure was a good thing I did. Strangely, booking directly with this hotel, even if you are a repeat customer, gets you the highest quote.

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