Driving advice Ixtapa to Chapala area

by LadyM in Zihua @, Zihuatanejo, Mexico, Saturday, March 05, 2011, 12:11 (3441 days ago) @ mrsmcford

We need to make a quick run up to the Lake Chapala area next week. My question, is it better to go to Uruapan then Hwy. 37 up through Paracho to pick up the autopista OR take autopista all the way via Morelia ? When I lived in Patzcuaro we used to go via Quiroga and Zacapu so I know those "red" roads can be very slow going (although scenic). But from here it seems very far to go all the way to Morelia then double back. Anyone have any good advice for me ? Thanks in advance !

I did the Uruapan to the autopista to Guadalajara going up and Morelia the way back. NEVER would I do the Uruapan way again.


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