Zihua to Barra de Navidad

by Canadian Rainbirds ⌂ @, Victoria BC and Zihuatanejo, Sunday, March 06, 2011, 11:08 (3198 days ago) @ Brent & Susan

From our log book of late November 2009:

Cadillac Ranch RV Park, Barra de Navidad to KM 103.5 (over night stop)

273 kilometers in 5 hours of driving time.

Km 103.5 to Playa La Ropa in Zihuatanejo

225 kilometers in 4:15 hours of driving time.

TOTAL: 498 kilometers (310 miles) in 9 hours, 15 minutes of driving time.

Average speed: 53.8 Km/H (33.5 mph)

one fuel stop and two lunch breaks have been excluded from the times.

Note this was in a 32' diesel pusher motorhome towing a small car.

I have seen estimates of 60 KM/H (40 mph) given as average speed on that road. Much of this road has a posted speed limit of 60 KM/H as well.

If you are driving a car you should estimate at least 8 hours for the trip plus any stops. There are an awful lot of hills and hairpin turns on this road and not a lot fuel or lunch stops along the way.

There is a large Pemex about 50 kilometers north of Playa Azul. At the restaurant/RV park the food good but don't expect fast food! It has taken us a full hour to get our meal. (They also have a pool!)

The drive up the Michoacan coast is beautiful.

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