kudos and a rose to the residents of Los Mangos on La Ropa

by Home at last in zihua, Sunday, March 06, 2011, 13:16 (3418 days ago)

So often we read bad news or bad rumors....today I thought it would be refreshing to pass on a good story.
The first week in Feb a beach dog who had been nursing pups was hit by a taxi in front of the condos Los Mangos behind la Ropa beach late in the evening. Residents tried to call a vet to come out as the dog had obviously broken his leg. Let's just say none would come however after receiving care from the residents ....I known to be a volunteer withSPAZ was contacted and passed on necessary phone numbers. After several weeks of care by the vet Enrique and Christian ...Mangos is once again happily greeting people on the beach. For all you naysayers....Mangos is now spayed...leg is strong and back with the caretaker who looks after him. This is totally due to the folks of Los mangos who pooled money together for her care and visited her while she healed at SPAZ. This morning I saw her running and happily meeting people on their daily walks.
So as a volunteer of SPAZ I want to sincerely thank the residents for your compassion and generosity in caring for one of God's creatures. And for those who are not animal lovers.... ........I have nothing to say.

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