by Mike from SF @, Sunday, March 06, 2011, 17:40 (2816 days ago) @ lia

Mike, could you not have taken Southwest from LAX to SFO? I purchased a one-way in November 2010 on SW to LAX, then bussed over to with plenty of time to spare to catch AA 10:45 flight to ZIH. I wonder how that would work on the way back - considering the dreaded LAX customs - as there is a late SW flight.

Yes Lia,that probably would have worked however I like to go Alaska Airlines (AS, AA is American Airlines) because of Alaska's $100 companion ticket, of which, by the way used to be only $50. We all miss the good old days when Alaska had a direct SFO-ZIH and return flight. In my old age I try to reduce the stress of flying as much as possible.

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