Respect and community unity

by ElAleman, Monday, March 07, 2011, 12:17 (3373 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Hi Rob; it seems that we are now on the same channel ...
What refers to the actions let me tell you that one outcomming from the meeting in the pier of Zihua yesterday was that our goal should be the revocation of the concession; of course the fishermen coops and the tourist organization might not be the mayority of the locals but as far as I understood, the meeting is open for each group within the "locals". So let's come back: what we need is Unity!. And that unity can only be archieved if the diffent groups are working together and on agreed goals. So, if "most locals here in Zihuatanejo are not convinced that "beating" FONATUR should be the goal or even an issue" lets come together and talk.

I agree totally with you that there are a lot of things that should be done in the area of Petatlán. But I do not believe that there is a margin of negotiation with FONATUR. We are talking about destruction and I can not accept "a litte bit of destruction" against a drinking water system; another bit against a black and grey water treatment plant and so on.

This kind of infrastructure is responsibility of the municipio of Petatlan, the Government of Guerrero and the Federal Government - not of FONATUR.

I also share your judgment on Lic. Lucas Nava Brito; if I remember well he was actively participating in the defense of the private properties in Barra de Potosi when the construction company "Scorpion" wanted "to take over the village" with falsificated property titles around 10 years ago.

What refers to further action we already sent petitions to President Calderon, to the Governor of Guerrero Zeferino Torreblanca, to the elected Governor of Guerrero Angel Aguirre, to the Major of Petatlán, to federal and local deputies, to SEMARNAT, to Greenpeace, to CEMDA and some other organizations. What refers to Enrique Peña Nieto, I want to abstain any comment.

Again, we are working on the defense of the almost 16 billion square meters (wich includes Barra de Potosi)which were given in concession to FONATUR

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