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by Timmac @, Steilacoom, WA, Tuesday, March 08, 2011, 12:44 (3409 days ago) @ JeffMN

The reviews are fairly critical, in my opinion. I would agree that if you take photos for a living an SLR is a much better choice. With the larger sensor, an SLR will produce a better picture since there is more data available. I suppose another possible downside is that does not have an option for RAW. That said, I think it is a great choice for traveling because of it's small size and versatility. In terms of the IS technology, most of the close ups were at full optical zoom, admittedly in daylight, with the ISO set to either 80 or 100. The picture of the sailboat, which was near Owen's while I was on the beach at Catalina, ventured just a bit into digital zoom to frame it better. It is incredibly easy to change settings in the manual mode, and you can actually save two of your favorite sets of settings. Although you guys are much better photographers than I am, I think you would be very happy with this camera. I know I am.

-Tim McNair-

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