Direct flights from Milwaukee & Chicago

by Paulf @, Mount Sterling, Ky 40353, Wednesday, March 09, 2011, 14:36 (3407 days ago) @ Vicki in Illinois

As long as the news about Mexico is bad and the lesser number of tourist going to "Z" & "I", Apple will not do a charter. We just got back home to Lexington, Ky Monday night after spending 18 wonderful days in "Z"- the tourist traffic is way down and could not believe the smaller amount of Americans at Pacifica when we went over there from the Grand for a beach day a couple of times. Before Mexicana quit operating, we flew Mexicana out of O'Hare and the fares were cheaper flying out of O'Hare than Lexington. The r/t we just finished flying from Lexington is $150ea cheaper out of Lexington than out of O'Hare on Continental lv Jan 04 2012 and rt Jan 23 2012. The price went up about $75 ea while in Mexico. We had not firmed up our reservations for Jan so we missed the cheaper flight. Now it seams Continental by way of Houston is faster than Mexico City. Right now looking at $1,113.56 r/t for 2 booking at Continental- looked at our air miles card and the 2 tickets were 1293.56 before using air miles plus an extra $50.00 per ticket.

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