Direct flights from Milwaukee & Chicago

by Fran @, Evanston, IL, Thursday, March 10, 2011, 10:45 (3370 days ago) @ tj

OK, tj. I went to Apple. I signed up. They sent back an email telling me to enter a password which did not work. Tried several times. No go.

So I wrote an email asking about a direct flight for 2012. Here's the reply. They don't plan any non-stops to ZIH from ORD but they will be happy to provide a link telling me where I can go to get one of their non-stops to somewhere else. With friends like that, I don't think Zihuatanejo needs many enemies. Well, suffice to say, I am not going to sign up for Punta Cana. Or for one of their over-priced scheduled flights to ZIH. Sigh. Nice try, tj.

Hello Fran,

Thank you for your interest in Apple Vacations. At present, we currently are not offering any nonstop flights on Apple charters to Zihuatanejo for 2011-2012,however, we do offer scheduled air service to this destination from Chicago. For your convenience, please find a link here to our website for a listing of our nonstop flights on Apple charters from Chicago (emphasis mine). I hope this is helpful. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you understand.

Kind regards,

Apple Vacations
Customer Assistance

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