Guitar Fest

by judi in OKlahoma @, where I am, Saturday, March 12, 2011, 00:03 (3049 days ago) @ Fondu
edited by judi in OKlahoma, Saturday, March 12, 2011, 00:19

Had a different opinion but would like to settle down and compose my thoughts before writing about it.

You were at Coconuts Wed night? You didn't see me? Drat!
I'll tell you what was good ... Pacolos tonight.
Omar Torres is fan freakin'tastic!
Margaret's Daughter, sweeet! Loved 'em!
And of course Patrick Sweany!
But man o man Omar Torres, I had no idea what a talent!
Oh and the tsunami ebbs and flows on La Madera were a trip.
But Omar Torres? Oh baby oh baby! Fantastic!

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