by ldj, Sunday, March 13, 2011, 08:09 (3489 days ago) @ JBinCT

Was down for 6 weeks this year. Played a lot of golf and paid the over priced rates at Palma Real.Yes I paid more than a person should of on a course that conditions have gotten worse instead of better for the price of golf.Your option play or not to play. We are down for a vacation to enjoy do you pay the price or spend an unhappy time there????? But the sad part of paying the high rates is the golf course did about everything they could to make people noy play there. Mid December to April you would think you would sell a show case course for the price you pay. But no while we were there they verticut the greens and put so much sand on the greens that they were unplayable for a week. The sand traps are so bad that over half the area of the traps was just rocks and mud. At least once if not twice a week the mower that cuts the greens is broke down, and once or twice a week the sprinkler on the 13th green was stuck on so half of the green was unputtable. Oh and not to forget they are trying to improve the fairways by killing the undesirable grass they dont want, which is alright but why no grass during the high tourist season?? The reall sad part of all this is with the high cost of golf and not as many people playing, I think the course is still making the same money! Ixtapa/Zih has enough problems getting tourists to their destination already, without sending these negative thoughts about Palma Real which are true. We have talked to Ramon the manager and that is a dead end street!

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